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Let's start with SALAD ;)

I guess we all have experienced that awkwardness when we go to a medical store or any convenient store while buying condoms. Aren’t we all tired of all those judgmental gazes. Now, what if I told you that we don’t have to go through it at all. According to India's first-ever "Condomology" survey, approximately 80% of men aged 20 to 24 did not use a contraceptive with their most recent sexual partner, "showing the need to confront an approaching crisis in reproductive and sexual health," the report observes social factors. There are so many misconceptions about condoms, let me debunk some of them for you. To begin with, it is understood that condoms are not healthy, on the contrary the first and most important function of condoms is our sexual health, to prevent us from contracting STDs. India still ranks as the country with the third-highest number of HIV cases. And this is mirrored in the condom market's shockingly tiny size — a product that is crucial for the reproductive and sexual health of the world's largest youth population. Another myth I have come across is that even in the 21st century it is seen as something obscene. Moreover, we might have heard condoms reduce sexual delight and it is completely untrue.

Here we have something for you to smash all those false notions! SALAD got you covered, a brand made in India for India. It is a brand that sells condoms that are good for our bodies and the environment. This may sound surprising but- SALAD’s condoms are made from natural rubber latex sourced from the sustainable rubber forests in India. They’re vegan-friendly, have zero harmful chemicals, and are 100% electronically tested for long-lasting security.

All these stereotypes shouldn’t have occurred if we had proper sex education. SALAD is a sex-smart brand, it’s 15% profit goes to promoting sex education in schools and colleges in India. It aims at nurturing a world where buying condoms isn’t a nightmare. Growing up, all we heard was how condoms don’t ‘feel’ great, and that was a good enough reason not to use them.

Condoms are listed as an essential medical commodity and The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Department of Pharmaceuticals sets the prices of condoms every year. As per this year's announcement, condoms can be sold for a price of Rs. 9.15 per count (which means per piece). SALAD’s condoms are priced at Rs. 91 / pack of 10 in line with government orders. Such healthy contraceptives let us live ourselves to the fullest and stay safe at the same time.

So people break away from those shackles of negligence, ain’t no shame in staying safe!

Feature by- Dhanushya R

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