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So what is The Feminist Times and what makes it so unique?


Sometime ago, when there were trending debates on social media in a rather meaningless debate of Humanist Vs Feminists, with one section of people of certain beliefs trolling the others with a different set of beliefs, one thing was clear to us; Indians were severely uneducated about feminism.

Our founding editor who graduated in Political Science from Kamala Nehru College;  decided to get to the root of the problem. 

Why did this debate even arise in the first place? Why were people so quick to invalidate the feminist movement because of a video made by someone with zero credibility?

She realized that in India, even in higher education, Gender studies as a subject was absent. It was extremely shocking to her that a discipline about something as basic as gender equality was so inaccessible in our education system.  She recalled that Feminism was offered to her only as an optional subject in her final year. And it was all quite visible then, the difference in ideology that exists even when talking about gender equality. All because no one tries to see if a layman has access to enough resources to study something like feminism. Yes, there are a few feminist media organizations out there calling out things as misogynist or sexist but failing to show a novice how is that problematic. 

This realization for Kuhu was enough to create what we know today as ‘The Feminist Times’

We think most of the time while trolling non-feminists; it ends up being a bandwagon thing. Not a lot of people wonder the reason why the person is criticizing feminism. We’ve come to realize that feminism as an ideology is being gate kept and there’s elitism there…the resources on feminism aren’t easily accessible because of which so many people do not know what feminism is.


Not everyone can afford books on feminism written in complicated English, so it was only reasonable to break down feminism into the simplest, most accessible format. 

‘The Feminist Times’ releases a monthly newsletter, free of cost, which not only discusses the concept, specific topics but also waves of the feminist moment and each school of thought.

Writers, regardless of age, profession, caste, class or any other barrier, write for the feminist times. “We had a 72 year old woman write for us once. And our digital editor is a high school boy” 

What sets ‘The Feminist Times’ apart from other digital feminist media platforms is that it is a non-profit organization. It doesn’t profit from ads or clicks or any sort of monetary boost. Everyone who writes for The Feminist Times writes only because and for its audience.

  “One of our interns is an advocate, the other is an assistant professor…they believe in the ideology so much that they were willing to work without any an intern” 

It is magical to see an organization run solely on the collective will to educate and inform with no attractive incentive; especially in the world of capitalism where everything is traded for money.

‘The Feminist Times’ embodies in its functioning, the inclusivity it offers to its readers. The team is made up of people from 16year old to 50 above, and they are all working just because…they want to!

An inclusive and safe space that aims to educate and inform by opening the tightly closed gates of feminism, ‘The Feminist Times’ is the voice of the present times. 

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