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Sanshi Aggarwal, CEO at Flossy Cosmetics spoke with us about her brand ideals

It's no news that the Indian beauty industry is witnessing a revolution currently, it is evolving and growing rapidly. Make-up is no longer a necessity but a choice - which makes it more empowering and fun at the same time. People dress up for themselves. A woman dressing up for only for a man is an outdated and problematic notion.

After COVID, the ideas associated with beauty have shifted to people all around the world looking for makeup alternatives with cleaner and more skin-loving ingredients. I created Flossy to bring together self-love and self-expression, skincare-infused makeup.

Having done my masters internationally when I got back, I realized that there aren't many homegrown brands in India that cater to an aesthetic packaging, good quality alongside and affordable price point. Flossy is a way to encourage more people to buy Indian brands. And through catering to all the points I mentioned above, we at Flossy are trying to bridge the gap between an International and Indian brand.

Q. How do you ensure your brand caters to a wide and inclusive audience?

Our brand states, "You are our muse” and we believe in making it stand for all. In the Indian market there is an urgent and visible need for a brand that is inclusive. We make sure the brand caters to people of all genders, ages, and interests. We are a community-driven brand that has taken pride in being represented by male models and influencers, as well as people of all skin tones and sizes to represent us. We believe in beauty for all - where we do not adhere to some age old notion of it, but make our own versions of it :)

Q As a woman entrepreneur what would be advice you'd like to share with anyone

planning to start something of their own?

As a woman in business, all I would like to say to any woman aspiring to start her brand is that “It’s a battle worth fighting”. There may be many times that your voice isn't taken seriously, that is something I’ve personally faced. You need to take on every day as a new challenge and always remember why you started what you started. Building your own business never goes in a straight line, there is always something new to learn. You need to be consistent with your efforts and always keep your mental health as the utmost priority.

Q Is there anything you'd like to see changed in the beauty industry - what is it and why?

I’d like to see brands be more authentic in terms of their approach and content. I believe in today’s time paid marketing has overpowered the beauty industry so much that the reality of the product and the brand is often overshadowed by the marketing a brand endorses. This is sometimes misleading and prevents a customer from actually trying out newer brands. I feel like there should be a trend more bent towards customer delight and testimonials instead of paid marketing campaigns.

- Sanshi Aggarwal, CEO @ Flossy Cosmetics in conversation with Kuhu Srivastava

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