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“Paraya Dhan” to “Nari Sabpe Bhari”

Women have gone through the struggles of how to form their own identity in the patriarchal society or perhaps I should say they are still struggling but today ‘we' all have come so far .It’s difficult to even put in words what Gender inequalities are faced by women.

I’ll begin from the roots from where it all started, during the conception period (when the baby is conceived in the womb) girl child are killed in the womb of the mother itself, she is considered a burden to the family while the boys are heir to the family who’ll take forward the name of the family. Why an innocent child who has not even entered the world is killed? Why can’t she be considered the one who can run the family name?? Why it’s not taken into notice that the one who’ll give birth to a son is also a female?? Why…

Well, women are not just considered a burden to the family, they are considered weak and inferior to the men. The way a girl child is raised is different from how the male child is raised or shaped. Girls are always taught to be polite, to obey, how to dress , how to sit and that they only belong to the households also from the start they are trained how to become a wife and a mother. While boys are never taught how they should talk to a girl infact they are trained to become strong, hard and emotionless. Women are never considered intelligent, practical , rational enough to able to work in the world run by men.

A female child is even denied of the basic right of education they are meant to learn kitchen chores because of the notion of women being “Paraya Dhan”, women are always seen as a commodity by the men as their “Dhan”. They never have their own identity, women are known by the patriarchal connections they have his daughter, his wife etc.

In 90’s female writers don’t write with their original name and in order to be part of a male dominated profession they wrote the books by using a male pseudonym. These are the major setbacks and the stereotypical notions of being a woman in society where the male is given preference and are privileged enough.

Well times changed now the Gender inequality is replaced by Feminism and patriarchy by matriarchy, also “ why should boys have all the fun” right?? It’s a transformation from “ paraya dhan to “ nari sabpe bhari”.

Feminism is a movement that demands equality of men and women. A Woman should have every right equals to a man, which means women have right to become as an inspector, pilot, entrepreneurs and every other thing that is otherwise considered a taboo for a woman.

Nowadays it’s normal for men to cook, to have emotions, to not be a boss always and not just listen but respect her decision. Above all, to treat her as his equal. Women are now seen working in every sector of the economy. Women have proved that they can run the world as well as can raise the child.

I would like to state few examples of women that have become the epitome for others that women can conquer the world and that one should never underestimate themselves. Kamala Harris, current vice president of United States. Mary Kom, Indian amateur boxer. Geeta Phogat, who is the first Indian female wrestler who won a gold medal at the commonwealth games. These are one of those women who breaks the stereotype of that ‘woman can’t do', they are proved to be an inspiration to all the women out there that everything is possible and that we all need to believe in ourselves.

While talking about the current times it’s wonderful to see women empowerment, men supporting women in their passions and career. However, the possibility of seeing women who follow their own interests and are opinionated are considered self centered, because women are taught to remain silent and not raise their voice against patriarchal forces. Why a woman standing for herself is considered selfish and when the same is done by men no one questions them?? Give this a thought that not every woman is free to speak for themselves, why?? Being a woman is no crime In fact, my superpower is that I’m a woman.

Women are phenomenal in their own ways to do whatever come in their way. They are #desh ka Gaurav … thus let’s not criticize women for being a woman rather make them feel , by supporting them in whichever way possible.

Lastly, struggles are always part of life they only push our limits to do beyond one’s comfort zone. Therefore, gender biases should be stopped and everyone should be given an equal chance to prove themselves irrespective of being a male or a female. We all are the one’s who created this binary and we are the one’s who can put this discrimination between men and women to an end.

- Ayushi

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