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Daily Rituals: Women at Work by Mason Currey

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

What is your daily ritual? Do you plan, journal or maintain a diary on daily basis

to write your daily tasks? Or maybe, to relax yourself? As women who are

expected to manage their domestic and professional lives, it gets difficult to

persist. This is not only applicable for women who work at corporate level, but

also from home; precisely, women with any kind of profession. Even if you are

a stay-at-home mom, because after all, isn’t that working as well?! I recently

read Mason Currey's Daily Rituals: Women at Work which talks about great

women of all time from past to present who have been managing their dual

roles by following daily rituals. These women are not just our contemporaries

but women from past who had been playing their domestic and professional

roles like a pro in a more patriarchal setup. There are around 200 women

mentioned in here with some quite famous names like, Coco Chanel, Frida

Kahlo, Louisa May Alcott, Marie Curie, Virginia Woolf, Nikki Giovanni, Lorraine

Hansberry, Cindy Sherman, and Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin, to name a few.

They come from a variety of professional domains like fashion, literature, art,

entertainment, etc.

The cover is undoubtedly gorgeous and the first thing I checked was the

contents page. A plethora of women with a manifold of professions talking

about their daily rituals and what kept them stepping forward during

excruciating times— I mean what else can be more motivating than this? I

began reading the rituals of Virginia Woolf first. I was already aware of her

ritual from what I read from her diary but this was in a much customized

format. I have not read about all the women present here but only those

whose names I could recognise. I mean 200 women in a single book, it’s next

to reading an Encyclopedia!

While the aim of this book is to motivate women of this generation to learn

from such famous women, let’s not forget that it can be read by any gender.

After all, Mason Currey is a man and I am sure people of all genders can gain

something from it. Moreover, it is always fascinating to read about famous

people’s daily rituals. Therefore, I am going to recommend this book to every

person who have been working hard to make it in this world. I believe you'll

find some crucial tips to organise your personal and professional lives better.

- Aayushi Jain

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