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Bowing down to Patriarchy

I am a daughter,

A sleepy Netflix- addicted daughter,

A daughter of a progressive working woman

And granddaughter of yet another progressive Facebook loving woman.

Who challenged patriarchy all their lives.

Then came the lockdown

And suddenly became charge of the house.

Woke up and cooked

Swept and mopped

Learnt new dishes to make loved ones happy

Washed all the plates and the glasses and the spoons.

While my mother worked

And my father sat on his rocking chair

Telling me I did everything wrong

This became my routine for the week

And for the weeks after that.

Now as I lay on my bed my with little cuts and burns on my hands

Looking at my boring brown fan

My mind ponders over the question

What changed?

The girl who hated household chores was doing it submissively.

The women who taught her to defy patriarchy

Also taught her to her defiance will be ignored,

Her hatred won't matter,

They also taught her to be meek,

Taught her to bow down to patriarchy.

- Malavika Mohan

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