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'Are you enjoying?' I sure did!

I recently had the chance to read Are You Enjoying? a collection of stories by Mira Sethi, and all I can say after reading her debut novel is that I can't wait for the author's next book! All the stories in this book will touch you in ways, more than one.

The most beautiful part for me is how the author is able to delve the reader into each character, their struggles, identity and story as if they were their own. Even after being completely engrossed with the story of every character, I wasn't disappointed to see no clear ending or as we're used to the concept of a 'happy ending', which actually felt more honest and real, since it's not like we always get closure in life. But yes, you'll be left intrigued after reading these stories, wondering if ZB won the elections or if Asha found that little amount of bravery in herself which she admired in others. Each character written was raw with perfect imperfections worn by them not very proudly at times just as any other human being, which is why the characters and their struggle with their insecurities might resonate with anyone who reads the book in a surprising manner. There were times when I felt these narratives were not set across the border but just next door, which I think is an ode to the rawness and honesty of all human emotion and insecurity which in this case has been captured brilliantly by the author making it a gem across all borders and barriers!

In conclusion all I can say is pick up this book as your next read- it comprises some great coming of age stories, of people exploring their identities, sexualities, insecurities, relationships and in all of it their 'wajood'.

-Kuhu Srivastava,

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