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Against the Loveless World- Still!

Given the recent events, I was thinking which book could fit for the advancements by Israel in Palestinians. I recalled the first book I read on the situation-Against the Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa. The story enters into the life of a woman called Nahr who did everything in her control for her family to survive the war. She says that she has no one name but has multiple identities and faced multiple displacements. The Palestinians blamed Jews, the Jews the Germans, everyone blamed the other; the political wars affected the most to the civilians who had to migrate overnight again and again or be assembled to the refugee camps. But in all the wars that have ever been, who suffered the most? Who has always been the victim of the savagery? Women like Nahr.

When I started reading this book, I received a lot of heads up for the sexual assault and rape which are present in the story. So this will be a trigger warning if you’re planning to pick it some day. But this wasn't the only assault present in the story, being driven out of your home and mistreated there for being who you are is something beyond imagination for Palestinians. I have not read much about the Israeli-Palestinian situation but in Against the Loveless World, Susan Abulhawa’s factual technique to tell fiction made me understand the internal conflicts that were mostly powered by the politicians for their own benefits.

The story of Nahr is a story of every women who seeks peace for herself and for her family. She sold herself to prostitution so that her brother could study and help them make ends meet. But even he wasn't spared. Abulhawa has done a commendable work through her #ownvoice to tell the raw truth that is always manipulated. I will recommend everyone who are unaware about the history and the present events to read this book.

I have been told that Abulhawa’s Mornings in Jenin too is equally good. This was her previous and comparatively deeper study on the Israel-Palestine situation but since I have not read it, I might pick it up next.

- Aayushi Jain

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