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Work from Home

We all wanted a vacation

Most of us wanted some time off work

Some of us wanted to be at home

Others have always been at home.

I slept around two last night

But so did the woman living next door

I woke up around 1in the afternoon

And saw her bargaining with the grocery guy.

There are days when I want to ask her

"Did you have a good sleep?"

There are days I want to appreciate her

"Woman, you are an angel!"

But then there are days

When I can't help but wonder

Were the noises I heard last night, my hallucinations?

Or are her scars too 'normal' to be healed?

I want to run to her and ask her

"Do you want to get coffee sometime?"

But all I can think about is

"I have never seen her drink coffee with

her family in the garden outside"

I may be over thinking, I may be exaggerating

But in the family of ten, does she even know

what her favourite meal is?

I have seen her 20 year old daughter made to go out

with her 10 year old brother post 6pm

But I have never seen her wearing a smile,

That wasn't forced.

That one day I saw her son cry

She came running to tell him not to

The other day I thought she screamed

But she was serving them coffee.

- Aayushi Mittal

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