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The Two Sides of Equation

We tend to ask and listen to questions like how is the mathematics taught to us in school is useful in life? Where do I use this mathematics in real world? Do people really buy 500 watermelons in real life?

Well possibly not, if someone did buy 500 watermelons it must be for a vlog. But here is the answer to how math teaches you a way of living.

If we talk about an equation we see 2 sides, left hand side and right hand side, but solving the equation is never a fight between the two sides instead it is a fight between the knowns and the unknowns, the constants and the variables.

Similarly when we talk about equality in the society it is never a fight between the sides, it is a fight between the people who know the meaning of equality, hence constant about their views and the people who are unknown to the concept of equality, hence variables, switching sides as per convenience.

Feminism is a fight for equality of all genders, it is not a fight between men and women but a fight between people who believe in equality and the people who do not. So everytime someone puts forward a biased or convenience based idea of gender equality, that is simply not feminism.

Now the next question that comes to your mind might be, 'If it is so much about equality then why is it not called equalism?'. If yes, then you too need to understand equality yet. Don't worry let's talk about it as well.

To solve inequalities in mathematics, we need to use equations. Equation is the point that gives us a direction as to where the optimization lies. Now to come up with those equations efficiently we tend to start from one side at a time. Many iterations may come in place and different methods of solving the equations may have different names, but the sole motive is to solve the equation. To be able to beat inequality in the system we need to start somewhere, it was started as a fight for equal voting rights for women. Many waves of feminism came, even fights for men to make choices that do not define their masculinity were fought, the needs changed, the names changed but the motive was always to fight patriarchy. Patriarchy, the rule of men, had victims of all genders, yes women were illtreated and men were too.

Every feminist in existence understands this, so the only way to bash patriarchy is gender equality and feminists are here for the same.

The equations we use to solve inequalities cannot contradict each other, if they are contradicting then there must be an error in the process we followed. So if you believe in equality yet hate feminism, then there is some error in the process. No feminist ever asked for additional rights for women over men, if someone does, then call the person, pseudo-feminist instead of spreading hate for feminism.

The equation that we have right now might look like '2(X-3)+6 =2Y', but it can be solved.

According to question, 2(x-3)+6 =2Y 2X-6+6=2Y 2X=2Y X=Y L.H.S. = R.H.S Hence proved

Therefore, the two sides of the equation are supposed to be equal, they may be

represented with different symbols or chromosomes but the sides are always equal.

- Riwayti

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