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Resume of a Bra

I am that three lettered word

While taking which people feel absurd

I am closest to a girl

Just below her tops and curls

I come in sizes 28, 32 and 36

Some find number 36 the ideal fit

Others may face body shaming for number 28

But I never find myself in numbers so simple and vague

I am a piece of cloth designed to fit well

In bodies of shrunk and swelled

Oh yes! I write my resume today

And yes my straps find a way

Of expression

And self exploration

They sometimes cry

But when I ask the reason of their wry

They tell me

To observe and see

The times when they are considered shameful

And for them that is definitely hurtful!

Despite all, I always thought I will make my girl feel whole,

But never ever knew, that, not wearing me, would make her a whore!

I was made to stand beside her,

But over the years I became a social construct!

I was beauty in myself but somehow got morphed into an insult,

A joke and a bewitching word!

I gave her sores,

And became a dark road!

So today I confess I was made to give support,

But I only brought remorse!!

-Shambhavi Singh, currently pursuing BA Honours History at Miranda House, University of Delhi.

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