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Randomly scrolling down my Instagram feed, I encountered a post from a well-known student media Platform which stated and I quote “Girls college do not produce Graduates, they produce Feminist”.

A wide smile arose on my face as I looked up to see my graduation cap hanging on my room’s wall and a small note written by my professor: never forget the value of equality.

Girls colleges all across the country are known for their quality of education, overall personality development and performance in all spheres. Many young girls work hard to enter one such college and come out as a better human being.

Makeup, gossip, catfight or aggressive screaming feminist is not the definition of a girl’s college. Instead, Girls colleges provide a brilliant atmosphere where clothing choices are driven by comfort rather than any norms, discussion over a cup of coffee could go anywhere from upcoming elections, organizing a pride march, Chole Bhature cravings, sale in Sarojini Nagar to flaws in the recent budget announcements. Talks about brands and makeup would casually take place but it would also accompany with discussions on how capitalism and how big brands leads to exploitation of poor workers and create unnecessary desires by unrealistic advertisements. Recent videos of beauty bloggers and influencers would appear as hot topics of discussions but a dialogue on trolling, issues of mental health, online harassment would also come along. Yes! We are proud feminist but also, we are proud environmentalist, activist, journalist, advocates, house makers, doctors, writers, dancers, actors, analyst, teachers, government officials and everything else.

The tag of “radical feminist in making” on each girl’s college needs to be side-lined. When we graduate from our “college” we all are more than just feminist, we come out as knowledgeable, sensitive, more accepting human beings who not always want to be perceived on the bases of our gender. We all are more than that, we are young women who are trained to be unapologetically ourselves”.

By Deeksha Tiwari

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