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It’s my choice, it’s my hijab

I often hear people saying that they don’t judge people; they don’t judge people on

the basis of the clothes one chooses to wear. Sadly, many do.

Third-wave feminism holds that women should get to choose which practices are

best for them without having to contend with anybody else’s expectations.

But people today have made it a modern prejudice, a modern list of “choices” which one

should make in order to fit into the notion of being a strong independent woman.

This modern list of choices is considered as a way of helping females round the globe to walk in the path of development. In order to be a modern, strong, independent woman one should have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE but in order to visibly look like one things turn different.

Wearing hijab is being oppressed. These people don’t even take a single second to pass a judgement about a female wearing hijab that assuming she is being oppressed.

Wearing a hijab is my choice, just like not wearing hijab is. And when I say people

shouldn’t judge anyone on the basis of their clothes, I mean any clothe whether

it’s Indian or western or indo western, whether it’s of short, middle or long length.

I don’t judge and I have learned to respect everyone’s choices. People should understand what real oppression is. Real oppression is not hijab, but not letting one choose and do what they want to, not letting one exercise their right of choice is real oppression. INCLUSIVENESS & GENERALISATON really need to be viewed as distinct in the contemporary world.

Hijab has nothing to do with my abilities and calibre. I’m as strong as wearing

hijab as I am not wearing it.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”

~ Nelson Mandela

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