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Tall and slim, oh what a beauty!

Fat and short oh what a shame!

Look for something outside the boundaries,

I’m unique, I’m who I am.

Stop it, please,

Stop the fucking shit…

How to dress, how to talk!

Why all this is only for me??

Angel, Princess and Barbie,

Is what I’m not, cause are they even real?

Is the question I ask.

I’m not some damsel in distress,

I’m unique, I’m who I am.

Husband, babies and marriage are not my goals,

So stop deciding for me you all.

For once at least;

Don’t judge me on my choices.

It’s hard to combat for my rights,

But yes I will.

I’ll show you all the real power in me.

I’m unique, I’m who I am.

I’m a girl,

I’m a woman,

I’m a human,

I’m unique, I’m who I am.

- Ayushi Dhawan

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