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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Feminism calculator may be a captivating phrase but could easily be misinterpreted by involvement of digits. Surveying on the initial word ' feminism ' one tends to ponder how people fail to accept the replicated explication any dictionary labels. Feminism as dictionaries say, portray equality of genders. It is a concept highlighting equality and not superiority of female over the other genders. Denial from accepting equality amongst genders is not so closely observed. Though some forces may compel anyone for being unconsciously biased for gender conflicts. Anyone having an unconscious biased behaviour may not know or want to be biased but takes a part unknowingly. This involuntary biasness is a result of traits developed during the life-span. Any trait inherited by an individual is an outcome of layers beneath them. While growing up, one may interact with such layers of beliefs or traditions, confined in gender centric walls which impact the rational thinking process. These preconceived notions work as a hindrance for accepting fluidity in revolving gender roles and gender identities. A person buried under such layers may not see the dominance of one gender over the other in shaping the society. Any gender is drowned in these gender expectancies showcased by such conceptions. Not only a misogynist but anyone and everyone is exposed to these expectations throughout their lives. In such a scenario it’s crucial to check if unconsciously we are labelling females as sensitive, males as tough or binary as partially emotional. The feminism calculator is an appeal to flip the chore expected from one gender to the other for checking if it still works equal. Equality will be reflected if it still seems as an acceptable deed from the other gender. Just before changing the wife’s last name, she may put her husband in her shoes to know if he will ever change his last name to enter a relationship. This is calculating using feminism calculator, measurement of equality without digits. - Yashika Aggarwal

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