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Family or Not,Abuse is Abuse !

Geet grew up in a very orthodox family in Mumbai. Her father was a misogynist who would beat her mother for not cooking well and living off his money. Girls were not welcomed in the family, they were treated as bad omen. Her father wanted to have sons. Geet also had a younger brother and younger sister but the only people who were the victims of the domestic abuse were geet herself and her mother. Geet's mom was also forced by her dad to undergo abortions when he found out that she was pregnant with girls. Geet was beaten by her father since she was 4 years old. Her father would pull her hair and behave in a very cruel manner with her. She was a lonely child as she did not receive help even from her own siblings they would instead add up more spice to the happenings in the house. In spite of all the odds on the adversities faced by Geet, she did not break down. She wanted to take up science and pursue a career in medical science but her father wanted to marry her off at a very early age.

With help from her mentor, she was able to secure a seat in a government medical college in Mumbai. Since the school was owned by the government so she did not have to worry about the fees. Along with studies she was also interested in sports and beauty pageants. After her graduation it was difficult for her to secure a job so she went back to her home but since she wasn't earning she again faced mental and physical torture by her father. When she was unable to bear the atrocities she left the house and went to prepare for her post-graduation. She was lucky enough to secure a scholarship and then she started modeling again. She went on to live in a PG and her modeling career was in full swing but then happened another misfortune. Her sister caught hold off her picture online and then one day the family barged into her PG and beat her again. Her friends were supportive enough and sent her family away, but her father threatened to kill the photographer who took her photo and she was even shut shamed publicly. The threats were unbearable, so she went back home but, again the abuse continued. She applied for several jobs and when she secured one she gave no other thought and left her house. She worked for a year and then started modeling for brands. There was continuous pressure from her parents to get married but, she wanted to focus on her career. Around Diwali, when she had a job in her hand, she thought things would now change, so she went to her house but again another brutal event. They found her photos from a beauty pageant and her father and brother brutally kicked her out. Eventually, she was rescued by her neighbors and now it was the height, there was no end to the abuse faced by her so now she finally decided to raise her voice against it. She filed an FIR against her father and brother; also asked her mom whether she wanted to be with her in all this but, she refused to do so. So she packed her bags and finally left for Mumbai. It was now easier for her to leave this was as she had now become brave enough to raise her voice and fight for herself. She had made a promise to herself that she'll never enter that house again because family or not, abuse is abuse and this shouldn't be tolerated at all.

- Akansha Raj

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