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Façade or a fine?

The corners of my lips are prisoners to the society

Tied by strings of people’s perception of me

Strings in the hand of my pride

My pride is in the sky

As long as these strings deceive people into believing

My heart is on the seventh

But my eyes are the rebel

They tend to shine some light

Onto my soul

Don’t worry though

My words do damage control

Every time I look at him

Speaking in the mood his heart is in

And being called ‘real’ for it

I think to myself

The label I’ll get would start with the same letter

But instead of ‘real’, I would be called ‘rude’

And a bunch of things that rhyme

Crude, a person with attitude

So every time my emotions reach an altitude

I tell myself, “Being true to your feelings is a crime!”

And guess what? It works every time.

The society whispers to me, it’s your choice

A façade or a fine?

-Srishti Singh

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